Sunday May 10 2015

Jim Hendricks leads Sportsman in points plus results from May10th

Tomah Sparta Raceway, Tomah WI

The Black #5 Sportsman car may not have a feature win yet this year at TSR but, driver Jim Hendricks leads in points. Being aggressive at the track may bring big wins while being consistent will bring you the points. It's only 2 weeks of points racing so far and feature winners Russ Mavis and Andy Buhrow find themselves behind Hendricks by 30 and 60 points respectively. Ryan Phillips and Taylor are not far behind the leaders and will do what they can to close that gap.

In the Hornet class the top 3 drivers are only 25 points apart. Dan Frye, Paul Finch and Danny Frye, along with Josh Schaller have been racing bumper to bumper in just about every race. Unfortunately Danny Frye suffered a hard crash on the front straight wall after Josh Schaller made a hard move and knocked him sideways and head on to the wall. Danny Frye was OK after the crash as the TSR safety crew and the Adams County Emergency Service INC (A.C.E.S.) ambulance responded to check on car and driver. Schaller was black flagged and lost points and payout for the feature.

Street Stock cars are big cars and when they spin out in front of Flagman Bard Warthen, they put him on every last nerve he has. On the final lap of the Street Stock feature, Gary Haarklau got loose in turn 4 and Bill Schott narrowly avoided a huge wreck after being bumped by Robinson who did not see the 99 car of Haarklau sliding sideways. Robinson went high around both Haarklau and Schott who were in the number 1 and 2 positions coming out of turn 4. Robinson won the feature by avoiding the mayhem at the end of turn 4.

The Modified car were missing a few drivers still ad Denny Schott was working on a new engine and Jay Potter was finishing up his new, very custom, #33 Open Wheel car. Paul Brown, now clearing marked as the #48 car, came in with all his hand painted lettering and numbering complete. Brown almost became a track sponsor as the newly lettered car lost power steering and he tagged the wall between turns 3 and 4. He was able to come out and race some more a bit later in the race.

Next week TSR will highlight the new #33 Open Wheel Modified car of Jay Potter. All of the body work on his car was custom made by Jay himself.

May 10th results from Tomah Sparta Raceway

Dash – Matt Moore 90 (Hornet), Bill Schott 02 (Street Stock), Russ Mavis 8 (Sportsman), Chris Quinell 18 (Modified)

Heat – Matt Moore 90 (Hornet), Bill Schott 02 (Street Stock), Jim Hendricks 5 (Sportsman), Paul Brown 48(Modified)

Feature – Matt Moore 90 (Hornet), Robbie Robinson 18 (Street Stock), Russ Mavis 8 (Sportsman), Chris Quinell 18 (Modified)

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