July 13, 2016

Tomah, WI – Tomah Sparta Raceway (TSR) will host a Military Appreciation Night on July 22nd.  All Military and Veterans will get in for FREE on this night. TSR is asking for drivers, fans and staff to be ready for a 22 push up challenge to raise awareness and fight veteran suicides. 
In 2012, the VA released a Suicide Data Report that an average of 22 veterans are “KILLED By Suicide” (KBS) everyday. The name “22KILL” is meant to grab people’s attention, because our primary mission begins with raising awareness to the issue. Suicide prevention is a very difficult task to undertake, especially when the general public is unaware of the issue in the first place. In order to prevent or “fix” a problem, one must first learn and understand the problem itself and its causes. By educating ourselves, we’ll be able to identify the triggers that can lead someone to thoughts of suicide, and confront those issues as they come, rather than letting them accumulate into something much
Social media has created the 22 Push Up Challenge in which one videos themselves doing 22 push ups a day for 22 days. That person then challenges others, similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge.  To learn more and to help us out on the 22nd go to 22Kill.COM and see how to post this challenge! Let's see how many people we can get to take the challenge in support of our Veterans!