Any 3 or 4 cylinder compact car. Maximum wheelbase of 104".

1. Quick release steering wheels allowed.
2. Racing seats required.
3. Interior floor pan must be complete. No holes.
4. All airbags must be deactivated.

1. Sun roof openings must be closed with steel.
2. Remove all glass except windshield. Broken glass must be cleaned from inside car before arriving at raceway.
3. Driver’s door must be chained or welded shut. Driver’s door plate or minimum of 2 bars which is part of the roll cage is recommended.
4. Passenger door chained only.
5. Bumpers must be chained to frame.
6. Hood and trunk must be secured with hood pins only. All factory hood and trunk latches must be removed.
7. No gutting of steel body panels.
8. Working third brake light optional.
9. Stock ride height must be maintained.
10. Cars with 110 or less horsepower minimum weight is 2200lbs. Cars with 111 horsepower and more minimum weight is 2400lbs.
11. Feature winner will add 50 lbs. to his/her spec weight for his/her next racing event. Driver & car must race with this penalty weight for 2 weeks. If haven’t won during that time, weight penalty is deleted. If wins again during those 2 weeks another 50 lbs. will be added, for a total of 2 penalties or 100 lbs., and again, if wins for a third time before 2 weeks passes, a 3rd penalty will be added, bringing the total to 150 lbs. This continues if necessary for fourth or more feature wins. NONE of the penalty weight may be removed until driver/car has raced for 2 weeks with the penalty weight and not won. After that all of the penalty weight may be removed.

1. Stock engine for that make and model from carburetor to the exhaust manifold.
2. Stock transmission.
3. All insulation under hood must be removed.
4. Battery may be located inside the driver's compartment but must be covered for safety. Secured by minimum 1/8" x 1" steel strap with minimum 3/8" hardware with large head washers.
5. Exhaust complete and leak free. Maximum size of 2" O.D. must run from engine to an area behind the driver. Mufflers are required.
6. No reprogramming of ECM at all. No performance chips.
7. No Performance Upgrades.

1. Steering and suspension must remain stock. No modifications. Ride attitude must be maintained.
2. 2" camber allowed. Measured with a carpenter square.
3. No ballast may be added.
4. Maximum 1" toe in or toe out allowed.

Any radiator allowed which will fit in stock mounts. An overflow container mounted in engine compartment. Water only in radiator. No anti-freeze $50 FINE

If gas tank is ahead of rear axle it may remain in place. If gas tank is behind axle it must be placed with a fuel cell or marine tank (max. 6.6 gal.). Must be secured by minimum 1/8" x 1" steel strap with minimum 3/8" hardware. Must be covered in hatchback in a metal case.

1. No 50 series, must be at least 60 series.
2. Must be DOT approved, minimum tread wear of 360.
3. No racing tires. No autocross, no SCCA approved tires, no competition DOT.
4. Only tires speed rated M,N,P,Q,R,S,T or H allowed.
5. No tires rated U,V(VR), W(ZR), Y(ZR) or Z allowed.
6. Maximum footprint of 6.5"
7. Same size and profile on all 4 corners
8. Max 15" wheels. Same on all corners.
9. No aluminum wheels
10. 1 inch lug nuts required on the outside wheels.
11. Factory stock steel wheels are required except the right front, which must be a steel racing safety wheel. Steel safety wheels will also be allowed on the right rear, as long as all four wheels remain the same size.

1. Helmet must meet minimum DOT standard, suggested Snell approved.
2. Gloves and long sleeves required.
3. Fire extinguisher required. 2 lb. BC rated mounted in quick release bracket within reach of driver.
4. Window nets and racing seatbelts are mandatory.

1. All vehicles must be equipped with a roll bar. The material used must be 13/4 x .095 or better milled steel. No pipe fittings, exhaust pipe, or conduit.
2. Door bar or plate REQUIRED for four door hard tops with no door post.
3. The roll bar must be located directly behind the driver and reach as close as possible to the roof and the left side of the car.
4. Two support bars must be added to roll bar to form a triangular, strong structure.
5. Driver compartment bracing must remain inside the driver’s compartment and may not dissect, bisect or pass through either the engine or trunk firewall. Such bracing may be installed as a safety feature only and may not reinforce the body or frame or alter the geometry of the car.
6. Roll bar installation is subject to inspection which will be closely scrutinized. Refer to illustration for possible designs.

NOTE: Four door hardtops (no door post must have door bars or plate as described below.
A flush, securely mounted exterior driver’s door protection plate is permitted as an option.
NOTE: Plate must be same color as car body (entire door area may be white) and properly numbered.
NOTE: The plate should overlap the front and rear door edges by at least 12 inches.

1. Minimum 18" high numbers in contrasting color on both doors and roof.
2. 6" number on upper right corner of windshield and on back of trunk - right side above tail light.
3. NO spray painted or "duct" tape numbers. Cars with non-legible numbers will not be scored.

1. All cars are subject to a minimum specification inspection at any time. It is the responsibility of the driver to prepare their car FREE of defects and in safe racing condition.
2. Tomah Sparta Raceway reserves the right to CLAIM any car at any time. The claim amount will be $1000, and does not include the driver’s seat or seat belts. If a claim is refused, driver will forfeit all points, and driver and car will not be allowed to compete for the remainder of the season.

1. Experienced drivers are acceptable, but previous race driving experience may disqualify you. Our officials will resolve any questions about your eligibility.
2. It is the goal of this class to have fun and race in an inexpensive way.
3. This is a beginner class and will be treated as such!!!
4. Past champions must be approved by track officials to compete in this class.