The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OR SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.
The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

Any competitor who wishes to compete, consents to the use of his name, pictures of himself and his car for publicity, advertising and endorsements both before and after the events, and relinquishes any rights to photos taken in connection with events, and consents to the publication or sale of such photos as the Raceway so desires.

1. It is best to register your car the week before you intend to compete, although you may register the day you plan to race. Registrations are required each season. Go to the Pit Registration Office (building at the entrance of the pits). Tell the person on hand that you are ready to begin racing. Fill out the forms she or he gives you. (Remember-minors will need a special form) and he or she will assist you in selecting a number for the car (it's best to call the office for car number availability in advance).
2. On the night you are ready to race, come to the pit entrance building and register for the night if you have not already registered. Prior to every program it is necessary to secure a “Pit Pass” for pit entry. You must read and sign the “waiver and release”. You may take a copy of the waiver and release form with you to read at any time. Proceed to the area of the pits and if you have not pre-arranged a designated parking space, please contact one of the pit officials. They should be able to show and tell you where to park, or find the correct person who can help you. Pit parking assignments take place at the orientation meeting (Late March / Early April), and after that, they are filled on first-come, first served basis.
3. Locate one of the Tomah Sparta Raceway Technical Staff to inspect your car, or he will tell you when and where Inspections are to be held. Your car must be approved prior to competing in any events (including Time Trials).
4. Locate the race line-up board. It is on the back of the Tech building. It is from this board that the line-ups and order of races are posted.
5. Now...It’s time to Hot Lap. Provided you have made arrangements with the Tech Staff, get in your car, get ready to race - belts, helmet, shoes, and uniform in place - proceed to the track entrance. In most cases, a staff member will be here to check you and tell you when to proceed to the track. Hot Lap Sessions rotate by division, and are announced over the pit public address. It is currently the procedure to pull to the inside groove of the track and take several slow laps familiarizing yourself with the track. When you feel ready, and green light and flag are shown, speed-up and move into the upper grooves.
***NOTE: AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON THE TRACK - BE AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU - WATCH THE FLAGMAN, THE CONTROL SIGNALS, AND THE TRAFFIC. When your session is complete, the flagman will wave the checkered flag.
6. After hot laps, return to your pit and wait for your division to be called for Time Trials (For Some Race meets Time Trials are eliminated). It is your responsibility to go when your division is called - YOU WILL NOT BE CALLED INDIVIDUALLY. Know when it is your turn to qualify, as a different "car number" is drawn to start each week's session. Cars qualify in order by car number. No warm up laps will be given to those that arrive late before qualifying.
7. Time Trials - Proceed to the back stretch of quarter mile (or designated staging area). When the official gives you the signal, pull out on the track and proceed around ready to get the green as you cross the Start Line. Make one complete lap (You are on the clock) and watch the flagman as you end your first lap - If checkered is displayed, proceed back to the pits. Watch the Flagman. Have your scanner on and Listen to the officials. The top five are held in the turn four staging area until the completion of qualifying.
8. The races are lined up according to time or points average so now watch the line up board for your number in a race for your division. While the race before yours is beginning, you should be in your car and lining up in the Staging Area (located behind Tech building), in order shown on the board. When examining the board look at who is ahead of you, next to you, and behind you so you know where to line up at. Proceed on to the track when the staging staff gives the signal and realign yourself as you pull up to the start line. A note: We will never hold or delay a race while you are getting ready; get staged in plenty of time and have all your gear in place before entering the track surface. If for some reason you would like to or need to start at the back of your race, please tell an official.
9. THE BIG MOMENT...One thing we can’t tell you is how to race so do your best but remember the following items. Watch the flagman...Know what the flags mean...if your division requires a scanner, be sure it is on and working….be alert and be aware...and GOOD LUCK! Have Respect for the track, your competitors' cars, and others’ property.
10. Payout...When the races are over, if you have won any money, it can be collected at the designated pay-off window. The pit stewards will announce when payout is ready.
11. Thank you for choosing to race at Tomah Sparta Raceway. Read the rulebook, know and respect all the rules, have fun, and if you don’t know...PLEASE ASK!

This general rule section applies to each and every racer, mechanic and/or pit personnel. Some items, obviously, do not apply to each class - you can easily determine which rules do not apply to you. You are expected to know the rules; ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.


1. Any fighting or reckless driving in the Pit area may subject the offender to suspension depending upon the seriousness of the incident and the decision of the Management. Any continuing problems from the same individual may result in permanent suspension. A fine of no less than $100.00 may be assessed to the participants of any fight. Tomah Sparta Raceway may dictate fines and/or penalties for this offense.
2. We demand courteous conduct from all participants at all times. We do not tolerate profanity or obscene gestures in front of race fans, Officials, or Management. Profane signs on your car, sex signs, etc. are taboo; Swastikas or Nazi symbols on your car or clothes, or unusual dress or hair styles. We expect you to look like a professional and act like one! Be clean, uniformed and look respectable.
3. Penalties and fines for violation of the conduct, race, procedure, and general rules may be implemented per Tomah Sparta Raceway to all participants (Tomah Sparta Raceway members and non-members) at the discretion of the officials.
4. The possession, consumption or distribution of ANY alcoholic beverage or recreational/controlled substances at any time while in the restricted areas is strictly prohibited.
5. Officials will use the Tomah Sparta Raceway procedure on ALL participants as it relates to alleged use, distribution or possession of drugs, narcotics or alcohol. By entering the restricted area, all participants agree to accept this policy and procedure Penalties are determined by the Tomah Sparta Raceway officials.
6. At any time the display of any type of weapon or threat of bodily harm, may result in permanent suspension for the entire racing crew and may result in arrest of all parties involved.
7. When in the Pit Area, maintain a constant watch for your own protection. Drivers: Speeding through the Pit area is dangerous to everyone, and will not be tolerated!
8. For any race team, including but not limited to: driver, crew member, spectator, or relative that is associated with a race team - that suggests, makes threats thereof, and/or participates in any litigation against the Tomah Sparta Raceway et al, will forfeit the privilege of participating or attending any events at the Tomah Sparta Raceway for a time specified by the raceway management.

1. Participants legally entering the pits and/or restricted areas are covered by insurance for specific limits. When involved in an accident involving an injury, advise the racing Officials in charge so the necessary insurance forms can be handled properly. NO CLAIMS WILL BE CONSIDERED UNLESS REPORTED PRIOR TO LEAVING THE RACEWAY PROPERTY THAT DAY / NIGHT / EVENT.
2. For All participants: Any insurance claim filed on any injury sustained on Raceway property must be filed through your insurance carrier first.
3. Posted on the Pit Office wall is a certificate of benefits which covers everyone signed into the Pits. Call us or discuss any aspect of the insurance at any time. You and your crew members are covered with as broad benefits as the racers in the major racing associations in the U.S. If any question or problem comes up about benefits, contact the Raceway Management.
4. When involved in an accident involving an injury to you, advise the racing officials immediately so the necessary reporting will be accomplished. Contact the safety crew and give him a full report before you leave the Raceway. If physically unable, your crew must be responsible for this report.
5. Ambulance transportation fees are NOT covered by Raceway insurance.

Our liability insurance insures the race track, the car owner and Sponsors. (Certificates are available for review by sponsors. Policy reviews and/or additional insured’s can be arranged at prevailing cost.)

Every driver must inspect the racing surface and the race track to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything which, in his opinion, is unsafe and they shall report that condition in writing to the Raceway Management. Any driver entering any racing event is considered to have inspected the track and all conditions are satisfactory to him/her...if not, DO NOT RACE. The participant further indicates that they are aware that auto racing involves risks and assumes the risks with full awareness and knowledge.
1. The Raceway assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of your equipment, vehicle, tow vehicle, or any parts by any means whatsoever.
2. Passing “tech” does not imply your car is free of defects. You are personally responsible to be sure that your car is safe and race ready.
3. MINORS: See us well in advance so we may prepare the necessary minors’ releases for your parents’ or guardian’s signature. Don’t wait till race day!! (10 yrs. thru 17 yrs. for pit entry)
4. Benefit and insurance questions must be presented in a timely manner.
5. We recommend you familiarize yourself with available benefits and insist that you understand the waiver and releases.
6. No children age 9 and under are allowed in the pits or track at any time. Parent and guardian must sign for all persons under 18 years old. Every one of all ages is welcome to the pit area following the racing events to visit the drivers, see the race cars up close, and get autographs.

1. Each Competitor is solely responsible for the effectiveness of personal safety equipment used during an Event. TRACK OFFICIALS, OR THE PROMOTER ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ANY PERSONAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT.
2. Each Competitor is expected to investigate and educate himself/herself fully with respect to the availability and effectiveness of personal safety equipment available.
3. All entrants are recommended to have in their garage or pit area, if any, as part of their equipment, at all times, a fully charged minimum 10 pound dry chemical or its equivalent fire extinguisher with a visible, operating pressure gauge.
4. Helmets: Drivers are required to wear at all times on the race track a helmet, with a performance rating no less than SA 1995 or SA 2000 Standard Snell Sticker.
5. Drivers are required to wear eye protection for all divisions.
6. Drivers in all divisions are required to wear flame retardant gloves at all times.
7. Seat belts must be used and engaged for all events, and at any time vehicle is on racing surface.
8. No person will be permitted to ride on the outside of any car or ON any trailer or hauler at any time.
9. Nomex driving suits required for any division competing weekly. Nomex shoes are required for all Late Model drivers. At minimum, all other drivers shall use leather or other flame retardant shoes. Nomex driving suits are recommended for all other divisions. At minimum, flame retardant clothing required for all other drivers.

FOR ALL PRACTICE AND TRACK RENTALS, EVERYONE ENTERING PIT AREA MUST SIGN WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. Anyone who is sub-leasing the track for testing, practicing, and/or any other activity, is the party whom is responsible for everyone entering the restricted area to have signed the waiver and release. The waiver and release must be signed by everyone inside the restricted area prior to any car entering the racing surface or restricted areas. Failure to do so may subject your race team to monetary fine, and/or loss of future sub-lease (track rental) opportunities.
A. Held every Wednesday, starting the third Wednesday in April, and ending in September. Open practice sessions start at 5:00 p.m. and run until 7:00 p.m. Cars are to line up in the staging area to await their rotation. Each car is allowed a maximum of 8 laps per rotation. Cars may re-enter the line as many times as time permits.
B. Other scheduling may preempt practice days.
A. The track is available for exclusive use at other times. Call track office first for availability and reservation.
B. Rental times are Half Day: 10 a.m. until 1:15 p.m. or 1:15 p.m until 4:30 p.m., or full day 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., M-F.
C. There are no evening or Sunday rental periods. MUST CALL TO RESERVE TRACK TIME and to check availability.
D. Rental fee is PER CAR. Contact Raceway for a rental fee pricing. Discounts may apply for multiple teams on the same rental date. Teams that do not compete weekly are assessed a 30% Track Maintenance Surcharge.
E. A $25.00 “clean-up” may be charged if area is not returned in like manner.
F. Multiple cars may be allowed during a track rental session. ONLY one car on the track at a time, at ALL TIMES.
NOTICE: Before entering the pit area, unloading a car or any other activity, all drivers and participants must complete rental forms and waiver / release forms at track office. Driver is responsible for any associated persons with his team for signing the waiver & release of liability. Failure to do so will end session, forfeit all money paid and be subject to a cash fine.

2. The Raceway Management and Officials will establish the length, frequency and administration of all events and programs and when their decisions are rendered, that is FINAL AND BINDING. Exceptions to the rules and specifications may be made on a temporary basis at the discretion of the Raceway Management.
3. The Management and Officials will determine all finishing positions and their decision is final!
4. Any complaints, disputes, questions or problems must be directed to the Raceway Management immediately following the event for their action.
5. It is the duty of all drivers, car owners and mechanics to bring to the attention of the Officials any unsafe equipment or practices, or any rule infraction of any car or driver.
6. Continuous developments in racing may necessitate changes that we cannot anticipate at the time rules are formulated. Hence, we may, if necessary, update, modify and add to, or delete rules. The “Except in Rare Instances” (E.I.R.I.) rule is always applicable. E.I.R.I. is in effect at all times.
7. Shoes, shirts and pants are required on all personnel at all times in the pit area.
8. You must be 16 years old to participate as a driver in any weekly or organized division competing at this raceway, 15 year old drivers are allowed to compete with raceway approval. Touring series drivers restrictions are subject to individual series’ rules.
9. Every racer is expected to participate in every event in which is possible for him/her to run. When a racer refuses to participate because of his disagreement with the length, type, or style of the race he is subject to suspension for a period determined by the Management.
10. Any car involved in a serious accident, may be impounded by the raceway or by the sanctioning body.
11. ALL CARS MUST BE NEAT APPEARING WITH A GOOD PAINT JOB. A number of at least 20 inches or more in height and 18 inches in width must appear on both doors of the car in contrasting color. Cars must display rooftop numbers of 24 inches high readable from the right side. No metallic or foil numbers are allowed. Driver’s last name and number must be lettered in white on top center of windshield. Be sure your car looks great from a distance as well as up close so fans and scorers can easily identify your car on the track.
12. For all divisions, two tow-cables or hooks must be located on front and rear of cars.
13. This rule book does not address all aspects of a race car in detail. Any variance or interpretation to the rules is the Techman’s discretion - not yours, thus any part, altered part, item, equipment not specified or approved by Tech Officials, will be declared illegal.

1. The only people allowed on the racetrack and outside the infield pit guard rail are Racing Officials and Raceway Management. Everyone must stay away at all times unless requested to assist for some special reason. Drivers may seek a place of safety in the infield following disablement...when crashed, stay in your car. DO NOT get out and inspect the damages on the track. NEVER EXAMINE YOUR CAR WHILE THE CARS ARE RACING ON THE TRACK!! Pit crews, car owners, and personnel related to any car are not allowed on the track following an accident or injury.
2. Do not enter the racing surface without express authorization. Official will O.K. your entry at the track entrance(s) and signal for you to proceed (i.e. cross-over to pits and exit).
3. The track may not be used for practice at any time other than designated in these rules.
4. Any competing vehicle whose speed has been reduced to a point where it causes a safety problem or slows track activity may be removed from the racing surface at the discretion of the Officials. Watch for black flag or listen to scanner.
5. Our racing program is based on the availability of enough vehicles qualified. If this number is not available, alternate scheduling or programming will be used. Racing events will be “lined up” in various ways to accomplish the best racing program.
6. A driver may change cars (with approval of tech officials) prior to start of race. (Start of race is the field accepting the "one to go" (until green flag) signal by the flagman). Driver must start at rear of field. Any variations of this rule must be approved by the Director of Competition and/or Management.
7. A driver may re-qualify an additional car. However, doing so disqualifies the first car and the qualifying time.
8. No driver may get out of his car on the track or infield to argue or discuss the race with the Starter or Officials. If this rule is violated, the driver may be disqualified for the event or suspended according to the decision of the Officials.
9. Any event is completed when over one-half of the scheduled length (laps OR time) has been run by the leader or terminated by the Officials for safety reasons.
10. Any participant who refuses to allow Tech Officials to inspect their car will be subject to the following: First refusal - loss of points and money for night. Second refusal - loss of points for year, loss of money for night, one race event suspension, Third refusal - loss of money and all points earned, suspension for remainder of year, and a $100 fine (ineligible to compete until paid).
11. Confiscation rule in effect for ALL divisions. Any team refusing to relinquish a confiscated part will be immediately suspended from all raceway operations for a period set forth by the raceway.
12. A division may be lined up from qualifying. Any team that turns two or more (consecutive) laps during competition that are “faster” than their qualifying time is subject to a one lap penalty.
13. At no time is any team member or driver allowed to stand ON the race track.
14. A race team will forfeit two times the number of earned points and fined two times the amount of purse won per violation - for any race team, whose registered driver has been replaced before or during a race event, by any other driver, without informing the proper officials of the driver change. Fines must be paid before car and drivers may compete again.
15. A car left on Raceway property without approval for more than 48 hours will be considered abandoned and be removed at owner’s cost.
16. Race teams are required to help dry racetrack in inclement weather. Failure to do so may result in loss of starting positions or race team may not be permitted to participate in the race event itself.
17. Absolutely No “for sale” signs allowed on cars while on the racetrack.

1. All points shall be earned by the starting driver. All payments will be made to the starting driver, unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.
2. Payout will be made only for events actually COMPLETED. Never will any event be paid when it was not run.
3. When a program is shortened by rain or some unforeseeable or fortuitous event, yet is considered complete and no rain checks issued, payoff will be made for events completed. In this event, a lengthened feature may be run at the next practical time.
4. All race results will be announced before payout. All winnings will be paid at the designated pay-out window DRIVER MUST BE A TOMAH SPARTA RACEWAY MEMBER TO EARN POINTS AND CLAIM PURSE WINNINGS.
5. A driver has a maximum of two weeks following event held to pick-up payoff. Money not picked up will be forfeited.

At any time the conduct of any team member or driver is a discredit to the Raceway, the racing industry, or to himself, he or she may be removed from all racing activity at the Raceway. The driver is responsible for all the people associated with his car and/or signed in with the car (this includes the grandstands).

The Tomah Sparta Raceway is private property. Any person on this property without the permission of Tomah Sparta Raceway is guilty of trespass and subject to the penalties prescribed by law. Through your registration or association, you have been given the authority and the right to be on this property in conjunction with racing activities. However, the Administration of Tomah Sparta Raceway reserves the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time that it is felt that your presence or conduct is not in the best interests of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans, the management and the employees of the raceway.